National Hugging Day


Today, the 21st January is National Hugging Day! Have you had a hug yet? I have.

Did you know that a 20-second hug reduces the harmful physical effects of stress, including its impact on your blood pressure and heart rate?

Did you know a 10-second hug a day may fight infections, boost your immune system, ease depression and lessen fatigue?

Did you know the giver of a hug receives just as much benefit as the receiver, but some research suggests the healthiest hugs must come from someone you trust as opposed to a stranger?

Hugging increases levels of the “love hormone” Oxycontin. This, in turn, may have beneficial effects on your heart health and more. One study found, for instance, that women had lower blood pressure following a brief episode of warm contact with their partner.

I remember attending and photographing a Hug Workshop once at Shambala Festival. It was glorious! Does anyone know who ran it?! I’d love to tag you. Here’s some pics:

If you have a chance today, why not ask your loved one for a hug and have a good, long, hard/soft comforting hug! Why not close your eyes, feel the contact of the body, arms and hands from your hugging partner. Notice each other’s breaths and try and match your hugging partners. At some point, start taking big breaths and then let them out slowly through your mouth. Don’t forget to smile *top tip.


If you’re feeling really brave and want to share some love, why not grab some cardboard write ‘FREE HUGS – It’s National Hug Day’ on it and get yourself down to your town centre.


p.s. If this made you a bit sad that you might not get a hug today, I am always available for meaningful hugs anytime my friends.

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