Meet Rachel.

Rachel is currently 33 weeks pregnant with fraternal girl twins. She got in touch after our mutual friend Lizzy¬†(whose caesarean I photographed) connected us after my shout out to photograph births as part of my ‘Life, Death and Everything In-between‘ project.

We finally met up this week for a cuppa and to chat logistics. Rachel’s hoping for a natural birth as all her other children were born vaginally with no complications.

During our chat, I noticed Rachel had a tattoo on her arm so I asked about it.

She explained her son Ethan has ADHD and that it was a poem about children being different. I managed to find it:

Butterfly in The Wind

A Butterfly in the wind,
Some can fly higher than others;
but each one flies the best it can.
Why compare one against the other?

Each one is different!
Each one is special!
Each one is beautiful!

How wonderful is that?!

Rachel’s partner John, son Ethan and youngest daughter Esmai provided lots of entertainment during my visit, with her eldest daughter Enya hard at work at school.

So now we wait as the babies continue to cook. I’m actually away in Thailand from 9th February for a couple of weeks so it’s anybody’s guess at the moment if I’m actually going to be around or not. Although we don’t want to rush anything, we both really hope I am. Finger’s crossed!

Just a reminder, I’m actively looking to photograph home, birthing centre or hospital births¬†during 2019, so if you are local to Brighton, please do get in touch or share this with your pregnant mum friends.

Here’s some photos from my visit.





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