I had my hardest shoot to date today. Meet George the Tortoise.

George was rehomed from a local family and given as a birthday present to my youngest aged 7 a couple of weeks ago. My Seb loves George to bits, talking to him in hushed tones, clicking his fingers and asking me constantly when we can take him outside. ‘Not yet’ has been my reply to date as it’s still a bit cold.

Since buying George, I’ve learnt a lot about Tortoises, my frantic website research pre & post purchase, has been pretty intense. Especially as George is still slumbering from his winter hibernation so I was a bit worried when he stayed asleep for a couple of days every other day. Seb was delighted with how active he was HA HA! I actually thought I’d killed him on his first day here as my mum realised the tortoise food had to be dampened, after we noticed George was frothing at the mouth choking on a dry bit of food. Rookie tortoise error.

Poppy, our small furry thing killer cat, has been fascinated by George. His scratching falsily alerting her to the possibility of a warm sacrifice. She remains confused as to play with him or eat him.

As today was so glorious, I decided to let George out to pasture. He covered quite a lot of garden, sunning himself occasionaly, giving me time to get on with some work before heading out of the house again to find him. Poppy seems to made a friend and I was delighted to see George eating greenery and flowers … especially as he bloody hasn’t to date despite us trying tomatoes, cucumber and everything green that grows under the sun.

Welcome gorgeous George!

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