Dear Mark and Calvin,

What the hell is going on?!

I uploaded a video today on my timeline of me and my boys rocking our hearts out to Calvin’s ‘Feel so Close‘ in the car after a wonderful birthday lunch with my mum and dad. We were in good spirits and I wanted my friends to see how happy we all were. Imagine my surprise when I get a notification soon after advising ‘Your video could not be posted as it may contain music, audio or video that belongs to someone else. Your video belongs to Sony Music Entertainment.’ I understand that. I run a business where I have to pay for music licences for my client’s slideshows. I pay my way. THIS video however, is not for commercial gain. It contains a precious memory which I guess now, due to your commercial decision, I can’t easily show my friends. I understand copyright. I am a photographer. I am NOT stealing your music Calvin, we were bloody dancing (admittedly in our car seats) to it!


I am annoyed, very annoyed in fact. I have spent over £2,700 (gulp) in the past few years on advertising with you. Your constantly changing algorithms are KILLING my social reach and small businesses. I have played your game long enough. Now you are playing with MY personal life. This is NOT on.

To you Mark, Calvin & Sony and alllllll you other wonderful music makers whom I respect completely, this is a step too far. Go for the damn corporates and the professionals and the v/bloggers making MONEY out of your music on a daily basis. You can easily target those with Facebook pages. Please LEAVE us normal bods alone while you finalise what you actually want to do. Stopping millions of us sharing our precious memories and experiences with our family and friends at gigs and festivals is going to totally kill your platform.

Would you please think again?

Your faithfully,


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