Charlotte and Rajiv


When Rajiv got in touch to book me, he confirmed that we’d met a charity dinner he hosted back in 2015 which I paid to attend and took my camera along too and he remembered me from then. We (not really awkward at all but really necessary to make sure we all click) Skyped and the deal was done!

Charlotte and Rajiv are actually culinary shining stars in the food business and they have pop ups around East London too. Go check them out!

Their wedding day was one of most colourful and busy I’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting. After prep at Charlotte’s, where I stood in awe as she was dressed by a friend into her stunning Red sari, we headed to Thames Chase in Upminster and the fun began. As I’d never shot a Nepalese wedding before so I just went with the format which was wonderful. The beautiful chaos that ensued whilst family & friends mingled and chatted whilst I was allowed to roam without restrictions, was a very welcomed change. The constant encouragement from Rajiv’s Nan throughout the Kanyadaan was a delight to witness.

After a change of outfits, the evening celebrations began and oh my, how many people filled the floor for the Bhangra tunes!

I’d really love to shoot more Nepalese weddings please so do get in touch if you or someone you know is planning one! Don’t forget I pay £50 to anyone who recommends my wedding photography services and I get a booking through your referral.


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