The Jumper


Here’s a heart-warming story for you.

My friend Lucy returned from visiting her grandparent’s house in Shropshire recently and couldn’t believe what her nan had got up to.

Lucy said “I was just about to leave when my Nan got me on my own she said “Lucy, I’ve got something to show you!” and she went away rummaging through carrier bags of stuff under her chair with her back to me. When she turned around she held up this gigantic purple jumper. She said “I’m not sure what happened, I was knitting this jumper for your Granddad and I must have got the measurements mixed up.” I was in hysterics as my Nan knits for a living and has always got a set of needles in her hand. I put it on over my clothes and it absolutely swamped me! She proceeded to say that it had taken her six years to complete and would I be able to put it on eBay for her? After I stopped laughing I said “Sure, but didn’t you realise it was going to be too big?’ She replied “Yes, but I started it so I wanted to finish it!”

How funny is that?!

So here is some photos of Lucy in ‘The Jumper’:

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