Lois and Ben


Meet Lois and Ben.

I met up with them 10 minutes from my country pad on top of a wet and rainy Devils Dyke near Brighton. OMG it was hoofing it down! I seriously thought they were going to get back in their car when they arrived BUT these are my couples we’re talking about. Complete troopers <3

After a quick pit stop, which I may of unhelpfully commented it has been dry all morning before they arrived pahahahahaha … we headed out and the RAIN was so heavy.

They did so well and I loved their laughs as we managed to get a decent set of images including some steamy glasses!

I’m looking forward to their wedding at Two Woods as it’s one of my favourite venues and that my second shooter and I will be camping overnight so there will be shed loads of dance floor shots!

I hope you like them.


p.s. I’ve still room to squeeze in a few 2019 weddings if you’d like me. Just email lesley@lesleyburdett.com for my pricing and availability.

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