Guru Dudu – Silent Disco


It’s currently Brighton Fringe and we headed in to celebrate our friend Tracy’s birthday by silent discoing around town with the amazing Guru Dudu. It was FANTASTIC!

We congregated in New Road awaiting his arrival and as if by magic *POOF* him and his assistant appeared out of nowhere, handing out headphones to those who had brought tickets. After a quick intro and warm up we headed off on our journey, his calm voice piping in above the carefully selected music, encouraging us to make up any words we didn’t know and to own it as anyone watching wouldn’t have a clue what we were listening to anyway ha ha. That especially applied to me as I’m tone deaf!

We were encouraged to point and engage with passersby en-mass which was a complete surprise to some unsuspecting voyeurs. It certainly made the walk interesting and really funny. We stopped occasionally to dance together and the two highlights for me was our rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody outside The Dorset, where we split into two groups having a gesticulative sing off and then Wuthering Heights in Pavilion Gardens. This involved us being allowed to interpretative dance freely across the lawn then we circled an inspecting couple. Their faces of absolute joy and surprise made me giggle.

We headed past the Spiegeltent, entertaining the waiting queue (why is there always a massive queue this year?!) then up past All Bar One where the guests inside joined in a video with me. We stopped at one point and all sung Stevie Wonder’s happy birthday to our friend Tracy <3 before heading back to our starting point and handing in our headphones.

Afterwards my (sometimes shy) boyfriend said “It’s the greatest amount of fun I’ve had in public!” Praise indeed and something I need to work on ha ha!

Don’t panic, there’s still time to book a place on a tour before Fringe finishes so GO GO GO! I highly recommend it. We might even have to go again we had so much fun!




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