Gina and Gary


We’d never managed to meet up or even Skype before their wedding at Pangdean Barn so I was a little nervous about turning up for prep at Mal Maison at Brighton Marina. I shouldn’t have worried! I bumped into Gary by the lift and then I was whisked up to Gina’s room where I was met by her gaggle of hens, her mum, Mum-in-law and their daughter all getting ready for the day.

As usual, I introduced myself and asked everyone to ignore me and set about my business taking images, walking through the adjoining room door (very handy) to Gary’s room for groom prep.

The sun shone for their service at Pangdean Barn and the evening celebrations were pretty epic too. And a special big up to the Bosley’s for getting together 3 times for their group photo lol

Thank you for having me! Here’s a sneak peek for you all.

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