‘At Home’ & ‘Day in Your Life’ Sessions


As a mum of three boys, I’m constantly juggling home & work life. My passion and mindfulness is my photography. Without photography in my life during this pandemic, I know I would have gone cuckoo by now!

My talent lies firmly with documenting people … and creating weird stuff aha. At weddings, I capture the day’s activities as they happen. Bantering appropriately with other humans (big and small) helping them relax, using my experience and knowledge of a venue to preempt what might happen & positioning myself accordingly. Utilising my photography skills whatever the weather & setting, all to produce a cracking set of images for my clients. This formula rings true for my wedding photography and now I want to fully reflect this ethos in my portrait work too from this point forward. A ‘Day in Your Life’ or a Mini session will allow me to capture you and yours without any interference, naturally, as it happens, warts and all. Here’s a Half Day session with my own family.

Families – Think tongues out, happiness, silly faces, laughter, cuddles, pets, holding hands, tears, grumps and sibling rivalry! Your session will let you all act naturally, take some time out of your busy life and remember that we are all human. We all have our weather and I’ll be there to capture it for you. We can meet at your home (for breakfast before school or tea/bed time for example), at a local park, attraction, beach or restaurant, your choice. I will become your guest for your session and after a short while, I promise your kids will ignore me and get on and do their own thing allowing me to do mine.

Here a slideshow of a half day session with the lovely Cobley Twins:


Couples – Think LOVE, passion, laughter, moody, routine, out of the ordinary, friends, pets, cooking, nights out and nights in. Whatever you want to do, it’s your call.

Individuals – Think work, health, life goals, life stories, pets, dreams, projects, passion, recreation, art, addictions, spirituality and creativity … think YOU. Let me tell your story.

Pricing – Includes  a complete set of images 

£1200 for a Day – Approx. 10 hours from wake up to bed time
£600 for Half a Day – Approx. 4 hours
£400 for a 1 Hour Mini Session

Additional travel costs may apply.

Approximately 2 weeks post shoot, you will receive access to a secure on-line gallery with a complete set of fully downloadable images plus the option to order prints should you wish. Albums and Fine Art books & prints are also available to order upon request.

Outdoor Mini Sessions

Outdoor Family Mini-Sessions are just £200 with 20 images included.

Sessions take no longer than 30 minutes and we arrange to meet somewhere mutually convenient locally. Post shoot, you receive access to a secure gallery to view & download your free images and purchase more and order prints should you wish.

Please email lesley@lesleyburdett.com for my availability. Vouchers are available to purchase and are valid for one year.

Note – Outdoor Family Mini-Sessions cannot be booked for weekends between May to September due to my availability. Maximum of 6 people per session (additional fee will apply).

Please drop me a message or email me at lesley@lesleyburdett.com if you have any questions about booking a session and to check my availability. Full payment is required in advance and is non-refundable should you cancel however, I will always try to accommodate an alternative date for you.

It’s my ultimate goal to capture as much as I can in my own lifetime so with this announcement and my ongoing project ‘Life, Death and Everything In-between‘, I hope to connect with as many other human beings as I can.

Let’s do this …


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