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So just over a week ago, I was at home freezing my nuts off bringing my accounts up to date, when I was tagged twice in a Facebook post asking for urgent photography help as their food photographer was poorly and couldn’t attend a shoot that had been organised.

I sent my details via PM to Kirsten Chick from Connect with Nutrition and we had a quick chat on the phone. I explained I’d never actually been employed to do food photography before but was happy with my experience shooting details at weddings & events should be okay. We quickly agreed a price & discussed image rights and as my kit and bags are always ready to go, I jumped in my car and was on my way within the hour. I realised on the way I had shot food & drink before for some of my Project 100 clients and my impostor syndrome got the better of me on this occasion!

Kirsten greeted me with a warm smile and as she made a fresh coffee for us, we realised our paths had crossed albeit briefly through mutual friends. She explained she’d spent the past few days preparing food for her upcoming recipe book and the shoot couldn’t be delayed. She outlined the brief and I duly set about organising her conservatory into a studio. Luckily the sun was shining and the conservatory roof was opaque meaning I didn’t have to set up any of the lights I’d brought with me.

We had 20+ recipes to shoot and so as Kirsten did the styling I snapped, positioning things as I saw fit, showing her my back of camera as we went. We stopped briefly for lunch, sampling lots of the delicious meals she’d cooked up. I especially liked the ‘not really sure what they were but they tasted like chocolate’ balls … go figure! We had a deadline of 3pm as I had to pick up my two youngest from the school bus so I’m pleased to say we finished taking photos of every single recipe before I had to leave!

Kirsten seemed really happy and I was too and said I’d really enjoyed myself which I need. Connection is becoming so important in my photography. Gone are the days of my just taking every job that comes my way. I look much further than the money. I check my moral radar isn’t spiking. I check out who I’m working for. I make sure my own ethics are compromised. Do any of you do this?! One of the most exciting things is Kirsten has said I’ll get a credit in her upcoming book too. My second book credit in my career eep! My first being for Brighton performer ‘The Abstrusity Of Lou Dacques‘.

Kirsten has been a nutritional therapist for over 15 years, and has been lecturing in nutrition for over a decade. It’s not just about putting a balance of nutrients on your plate: Kirsten also assesses how well you’re digesting and absorbing those nutrients, and whether you would benefit from an additional boost of anything – such as anti-inflammatory, hormone balancing or immune-boosting nutrients, for example. Her book goes into all of this in quite some detail, giving you a thorough grounding in nutrition, plus opportunities to reflect and try things out along the way. The photo shoot was for the extensive recipe section that provides practical (and mouthwatering) support for the nutritional principles explored.

Here’s a sample of my work. Kirsten and I are still working on the final edit so I’ll let you know when Kirsten’s book comes out. It’s going to be lush <3


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