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There’s not many things that blow my mind these days, I’ve been around on this mortal Earth to have experienced some wonderful things over my many years. Today my mind, heart and soul were blessed with a feeling of absolute belonging and peace. We took a trip out to visit Two Woods, a new 42 acre wedding venue near Pulborough as I’m organising a Fantasy Woodland Shoot there in April.

It is absolutely breathtaking. My words on this blog will not do it justice. It’s a magnificent piece of lovingly maintained Green and pleasant land, belonging to a wonderful couple called Jade and Mark. They’re my kind of people. They’ve built a barn which allows the entire wedding party to dine, drink and relax. The Bridal Suite upstairs is finished to a very high standard offering oodles of natural light and lots of space for the chaos that normal ensues the morning of a wedding. The attention to detail is awesome. Certain furniture pieces and the bar have been lovingly hand made, sanded and varnished by Mark. I couldn’t keep my hands to myself, everything was so tactile!

There are ample facilities dotted around the site, an area to camp, an area outside the barn to erect a marquee if needed … and then there is the woods. A grove of established giant Redwoods where civil ceremonies can take place. I cannot describe to you how special it feels to be in amongst the mottled trunks of the Redwoods with the sun sparkling through the canopy. The mystery and bird song instantly bringing you at one with nature, our busy lives were a mere memory.

We wandered around taking photos and then set up a few shots to bring the magical element of the Fantasy Woodland shoot to life. Pictured is an ambassador from the Otherworld, scouting the site where two ancient and fey entities will become one. This Woodland Fantasy shoot is going to be featured in a future edition of FAE Magazine.

We are still recruiting magical and mythical creatures for the shoot as well. We have had some amazing creatures already signed up. We’d love some more!

Think Faery, Elf, Centaur, Gruffalo, Butterfly, Goblin, Gnome, Enchanter, Nymph, Avalon Folk, Giant, Spriggan, Hobbit, Unicorn, Faun, Dragon, Sprite, Minotaur, Spirit, Pegasus, Dufflepud, Pixie, Griffin, Cherub, Dwarf, Herne, Green Men and Grey Folk … the list is endless.

Location – Two Woods Sussex, UK. Date Thursday 6th April.

Want to get involved? Sign up here.

My thanks go to Jade & Mark, and Ana & Marta for making today so special.


Model – Ana Luisa

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