It’s around this time of year when wedding season is long gone and my school & nursery bookings are coming to a close, that I realise I have lots of spare time to create, something I love doing and continue with my Life, Death and Everything In-between project at the same time. Sophie and I hooked up recently to do just that.

I start and jump in on conversations with my friends when I dream up or sense a photographic opportunity and set about organising impromptu shoots. Such an occasion arose recently when I noticed a friend was due to go early morning swimming so we messaged and organised a date to meet on Brighton sea front at 7:30 am one cold and breezy morning last week. It was bloody cold!

I’ve known Sophie for a year or so through a Brighton women’s group and kept in touch ever since. She’s a Yoga and Women’s Health Coach and is pretty epic in all things teaching workshops and feminine connections with their bodies! Here’s her page. Tell her I sent you!

We shot on a very grey and cold day. The waves were steady and strong. I used a prism to create some magic and edited the images so portray a much warmer day. I then wrote a poem thing. I hope you like it & them.

Sea Goddess

She eagerly surrenders herself to the ocean, her delicate skin roughly caressed by cold dampened swirls. It feels her.

The unknown salty depth whispers amongst itself, the undulating waves enticing her deeper. It wants her.

The sea roars loudly as they dance in tandem together, the goddess embracing the transfer of power with open arms. She feels.

Soon this mortal goddess is gorged from the invigorating sea ritual, cleansing her very soul. She is free.

If you fancy getting creative this Winter, why not drop me an email at or give me a call: 07867525090.





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