Day 3 School Photo


I just want to share with you my obligatory school children photo taken on Day 3 taken with my very knackered smart phone. My intention to take and share it on Day 1 didn’t go as planned due a family meltdown over a rucksack! There were actual tears from everyone which lead to a sober reevaluation from me about how best to handle future family ‘challenges’ with my growing boys.

Oh that note, I’ve seen a few people moaning about the number of parent’s photos of their kids on their timelines. Well guess what grumpers?! We’re damn proud of them … especially as they look so smart and especially as they are still alive & kicking after the summer holidays so go bite yourselves 

2017-09-07 08.39.21

School photography season beckons me and it always gives me a massive insight into other children through their interaction with me for a minute or so whilst having their photos taken. I feel very privileged to be able to meet so many different characters, from ultra shy through to over confident … *cough I was NEVER that child lol! It’s emotionally exhausting getting the best from them but that’s my ‘job’ and I absolutely love it and wouldn’t change a thing. On that note, if you are a decision maker at a school or nursery and are looking for a new school photographer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

I love you so very much Oliver and Sebastian from your very proud and sometimes very stressed out Mummy xXx

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