During February, I noticed loads of Crowdfunder and Go Daddy £1000 giveaways on my Facebook feed. I decided to pitch two ideas which have been floating around my head for ages to see if I could nab some funding.

The first pitch was called creARTive. creARTive is the working title of my new photography project aimed at documenting passions and promoting the importance of our underfunded industry. The funding would have allowed me to arrange/facilitate visits with individuals at all levels of the Brighton creative community, documenting them visually and then publishing a set of images alongside their own words which will be gathered via a questionnaire response. It’s my ultimate goal to self publish a coffee table book.

In researching my pitch, I visited a friend called Bam, who amongst other things, makes bespoke headgear and shoe shoes. Bam and I are hopefully going to work together on a stretch mark project this year too at some point! Here’s Bam’s images:

Unfortunately, I didn’t win the grant (boo!) but I got loads of positive feedback from creative friends & acquaintances so I’ve decided to plow ahead regardless so I’ll start arranging appointments with interested creatives from May onwards. I might also have a Crowdfunder pitch in draft to go big with this one aha … shhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

My second pitch was based around running photography workshops for the homeless. After donating my photographic skills and time to a few Brighton homeless charities over the past few years, I had an idea to investigate running informal drop in workshops, where participants would learn how to use a digital camera creatively and we would work together towards producing a series of images for exhibition. I again applied for a small grant which would have allowed me to facilitate this at a local workshop who were offering their studio for free. I didn’t manage to obtain the funding for my idea again but as I stuck my head above the parapet, I’ve been approached by the amazing Lucy Groenewoud who runs CafeArt a CIC for a possible project in Brighton. Finger’s crossed this comes off!

May I wish you all a happy Easter and hope you keep warm, and get some time with your friends and family.


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