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I saw this on my Facebook feed today about connecting with other human beings and it got me thinking.

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In the very over saturated world of Wedding Photography, what could I do to stand out a bit differently from the crowd just like Austin, the owner of the coffee shop has. I LOVE my weddings. I want to spend my time and energy with people I love, admire and adore. I do this in my own life so why should my businesses be any different?! So, I thought I would try a little experiment. Drum roll please …

I’m on the look out for awesome, caring couples in love who absolutely want me to be involved in their day. The more awesome you both are and the crazier your wedding plans are, the more discount you’ll get (until further notice). I would be delighted to offer reduced coverage for elopements, serious discount for night/day-time hand fastings, secret/not so secret ceremonies in fields, woods, churches and festivals, cosplay/dress up weddings, naked weddings (someone’s got to right?!), faery/herne weddings (check out this video of a FAE styled shoot I organised at Two Woods venue recently), fetish weddings (come on you know you want to!), destination weddings (you cover travel & accommodation expenses), celebrations with dogs/cats/snakes/fire/jugglers, you name it, I’ll be there. I will absolutely dress up/dress down, bring my cameras, lights, Pixel Stick, shoot the shit out of your day and laugh & drink responsibly …. or not if you’d prefer, with you. And if you’ll let me, I’ll be the last one dancing too, that’s how I roll. I take bookings from anywhere on the 3rd rock from the sun btw.

FYI my wedding photography pricing is £1450 for approximately 10 hours coverage + hugs + general mirth & support + second shooter + a full set of edited images via a secure online album + 15 beautiful hand-mounted Fine Art prints delivered in a beautiful presentation box, together with album upgrade options from the awesome QT Albums. A chat (face-to-face with wine or tea or via Skype) + couple shoot before your wedding is included too. My pricing is way above the second jobber and well below the top notch photographers. I’m really happy with my pricing structure but things have definitely been tougher the past year.

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I’ve been a professional photographer for 10 years now. That’s actually considered ancient in the wedding photography world! However, photography is my passion I absolutely want to continue making a living from it so have invested wisely in courses like SNAP Photography Festival and Photography Farm, I dip in and out with Facebook groups/meet ups and organise styled shoot collaborations with other photographers & local wedding businesses. Photography equipment is also an ever changing beast and I’m currently in the process of switching from Canon to Fujifilm too. I’ve learnt so much in the past few years to help keep my creative and business brain on fire.

In particular, I, like many other established photographers, make sure we connect in some way with our couples before even taking on a booking, some prefer only certain wedding themes. Did you know that? Let me ask you to think about it this way instead … your wedding photographer is normally with you for the entire day, like another guest, recording the most intimate details of your day. Wouldn’t you prefer to have someone who actually wants to be at your wedding? Someone who is excited at being invited and involved in your day, talking with your guests genuinely rather than just turning up, shooting and leaving? I know I would! I normally come home from my weddings completely exhausted emotionally and physically yet totally elated at the same time. Knowing 100% that I gladly shared my positive energy, my experience, looking out for things that might happen, all the while, capturing your day for you. I remain friends with the vast majority of my couples and bridesmaids which I am so very thankful for. My brides confide in me, I get pregnancy announcements sometimes before family and friends are told, I get bump, baby and family bookings a few years down the lines too. I absolutely LOVE all my couples! I am a very lucky chick.

Wedding photography is just part of my photography business offering but you blighters aren’t any good for repeat business lol! So every year, us photographers attend wedding fairs, promote our services through past couples, friends & suppliers for referrals and the newly engaged via whichever social media mediums & platforms we feel works the best for us. Well, I’d like to try something different hence the reason for this post.

So if you fancy booking me for your wedding, please get in touch via lesley@lesleyburdett.com with your plans, visit my Facebook page for my latest ramblings or call me directly on 07867525090 and let’s talk <3

I also own a little social media app called Jaunty Twig which the tech savvy amongst you will love as you can collect ALL your guest images in one place and display them live at your wedding to if you fancy. It’s free to download and for your guests to use too. Go on , go on. Knock yourselves out!


  • Natasha said:

    Hey, me and my partner are getting married next year. We are booking out a campsite for a few days and having a big BBQ piss up with bride against groom games. My family vs his family head to head in a sports day, country fair, total wipe out occasion! Loads of games of games,drinks and food and love!
    Would love to hear if you'd be interested in joining us eating drinking and being merry! Bring your tent guest too if you'd like. The more the merrier
    Cheers x

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