EMPOWER – Models and Photographers

So here we are, born and living on this planet RIGHT NOW despite all the universe’s odds.

I strive daily to do the right thing within my arm’s reach, nurturing my 3 sons in the ways of life. I’m not perfect, I don’t claim to be however, I do know that there are things happening in my industry RIGHT NOW that are unacceptable. This post and the survey isn’t for the faint hearted. It’s brutal and honest … a bit like me.

I’ve set up a work in progress group called EMPOWER to discuss and tackle the appalling level of abuse (sexual/bribery/pressure) of models (experienced and new) which exists in the photography world. Please join. Everyone is welcome.

I have first hand experience of being pressured during a photo shoot. I have model friends who have been pressured and bribed post shoot too. There is currently story after story unfolding on social media RIGHT NOW including the naming & shaming of photographers who have abused their power of trust. That’s not my agenda here. Pandora’s Box is slowly opening. It’s not going to be pretty.

It is my hope that as an industry we can map out and agree a set of industry standards/guidelines that every model, agency, professional body and photographer can positively work with ensuring everyone’s safety but first we need to know the scale of the problem.

If you are a model and have experienced pressure/abuse/inappropriate behaviour/bribery during or after a shoot then please complete this survey.

All information you provide will remain completely anonymous. Be brave. You are not alone. Trigger Warning advice at the start of the questionnaire.


If you are a photographer, then please take the survey and feel free to grab the survey link or my blog post and use it on your own blog, page, social media to help this get traction. To date, the anonymous survey has reported bribery, sexual assault and even rape. This is not acceptable.

If you are a model, agency, professional body or photographer and have input on this matter then please join and post in the EMPOWER group or contact me directly if it is a sensitive matter.

My only advice at this time to models attending photographic assignments or meet ups with lone photographers is to take a chaperone. ANY photographer or agency who advises this is not okay or there is no room, is complicate to the abuse happening in our industry. Let’s work together and start clean up our industry RIGHT NOW.

Thank you.


  • Hi Lesley

    I run a model safety page, and group on Facebook, and would love to share this to the audience there.

    Would you be ok with me posting the link to this blog onto the Facebook, and group, see if we can get more feedback on this for you?

    The page is called Safe Model ( @safemodel )

    Thank you, look forward to hearing from you.


    • Hi Anthony,

      ABSOLUTELY! You probably have some very valuable and proven input on model safety guidelines. Can you join the EMPOWER Facebook group? I will find yours too.