C’est moi

My name’s Lesley. I take pictures and document stuff. Let me document your stuff.

The Lowdown
  • The Lowdown

  • Based near Brighton in the UK, I welcome fun & diverse bookings from anyone and anywhere on the 3rd rock from the Sun. You don't need to ask here <3

    I live life to the full, nurturing my three boys in the ways of life. I strive to make my clients chilled and relaxed, it makes things so much easier for all of us. Your partner/parents/kids/pets will quite like me, I promise.

    I've a pretty good sense of humour and I work like a ninja. I think I have one of the coolest jobs going and I get to wear a camera belt too aha!

My Philosophy
  • My Philosophy

  • It's my ongoing mission to capture as much as I can in my own lifetime.

    From birth to death and everything in between, meeting new people along the way, hopefully learning a little bit about everything.

    Heading off on unknown adventures with my camera and sharing tall stories with old/new friends/wedding guests around a camp fire under a starry night are a couple of my passions. Tell me yours!

Finally ...
  • Finally ...

  • Love is THE most important thing in my world ... that and Percy Pigs!

    I'd like you to think of me as your Photographic Doula, gentle, kind, 10+ years of experience and an expert in pretty much all photography areas.

    If you think we'll click, let's cross paths.

    p.s. NEVER give me Tequila after midnight.
    EDIT - NEVER give me Tequila!


A long long time ago ...
  • A long long time ago ...

Moon Tube me
  • Moon Tube me

 Tin Type Me by Angela Ward-Brown
  • Tin Type Me by Angela Ward-Brown